First Gallery

Plan and construction of Lake Biwa Canal

In the first gallery, materials that chronicle planning and constructing processes for the first Lake Biwa Canal are exhibited. They feature the materials related to Kunimichi Kitagaki who played the key role in the canal construction, a measurement engineer, Michio Shimada, and a civil engineer, Sakuro Tanabe, as well as the paintings by Soryu Tamura and Shoryu Kawada.


Second Gallery

Roles achieved by Lake Biwa Canal

In the second gallery, various roles achieved by Lake Biwa Canal, such as in projects of electric power generation, canal transportation, and hydraulic power, are exhibited.

Third Gallery

Development of Kyoto City Water Supply Projects

The third gallery introduces "Kyoto City Three Major Projects" that formed the basis of the current City of Kyoto, as well as the water supply project.


The second floor hallway exhibits photographs of the current Lake Biwa Canal, the monument of Lake Biwa Canal, and photographs of the plaques displayed at the entrance of the tunnel.

Outdoors(1F & B1F)

Outside the museum, 45-degree iron tubes used in the Gosho Water Supply System are exhibited on the outside of the first floor. The Pelton waterwheel and Stanley generator used for hydraulic power generation utilizing Lake Biwa Canal are exhibited on the outside of the first basement floor.

Publications, etc.

  • One Hundred Years History of Lake Biwa Canal

    In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Lake Biwa Canal's completion, this book consisting of three volumes was published in 1990. The history of Kyoto is described focusing on the canals.

    price: 37,746 yen (tax included)

  • 100 Year History of Kyoto City Water Supply System (Material edition/Depiction edition)

    These books were published in 2012, in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Kyoto City Water Supply System's completion. They incorporated a wide variety of materials and photographs that represented each period, which help you specifically observe the 100 year history connecting to the present.

    price: 4,320 yen (Material edition) (tax included)

    price: 2,160 yen (Depiction edition) (tax included)

  • Permanent Exhibits Catalog

    A catalog to explain permanent exhibits at the museum. Reading this catalog as well as appreciating our exhibits helps you look back the history, and deepen your understanding of Lake Biwa Canal.

    price: 500 yen (tax included)

  • Kyo-no-kagayaki Sosui Monogatari

    Kyoto City tap water is bottled as stock drinking water for emergency use. Unopened bottles can be storedat a room temperature for 10 years after manufacture.

    price: 100 yen (per bottle) (tax included)